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The Mortgage Market Is Moving Into the Shadows: Richard Koss

2018-02-26 17:26:55| National Real Estate Investor

Non-banks now service about 51 percent of all loans packaged into new Freddie Mac securities, according to mortgage analytics firm Recursion Co.

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Jump in landlords facing serious mortgage arrears

2018-02-08 12:18:59| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Tax changes have made it harder for some landlords to make ends meet.

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Borrowers ignoring mortgage timebomb, says FCA

2018-01-30 12:58:52| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Nearly one in five mortgage-holders has an interest-only home loan, but many do not have a plan for the final bill.

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Mortgage approvals at the lowest for five years

2018-01-25 11:46:22| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

In December, UK banks approved just 36,115 mortgages - the lowest since April 2013

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Mortgage approvals 'lowest for over a year'

2017-12-28 13:08:57| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The number of new mortgages being approved in November was the lowest since August 2016, according to UK banks.

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