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New option for controlling summer slump on infected fescue pastures

2017-02-08 10:55:18| Beef

Running a spray rig over your infected fescue instead of a brush hog may be the answer to managing fescue toxicity in cattle.

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Is corn still a viable feeding option?

2017-02-08 10:55:18| Beef

Depending on cost comparisons, limited supplementation of corn may prove to be a more valuable, cost-efficient manner to add energy to diet of calving and nursing cows versus just feeding more hay.

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US Red Meat Offered as Quality Option for Yakiniku Restaurants

2017-02-07 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

JAPAN - USMEF participated in Tokyo’s Yakiniku Business Fair 2017, presenting US beef – including USDA Prime cuts and branded Angus products – as alternatives to domestic Japanese beef while showcasing US pork as an option for Japan’s many yakiniku restaurants.

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Zidua PRO herbicide offers soybean growers another option for 2017

2016-11-21 18:07:48| Corn & Soybean Digest

Editor’s Note: Briefing Room is where we run press releases from companies unedited, for your use. Soybean growers now have an additional tool to control weeds in 2017. BASF’s Zidua PRO (Premium Residual Option) herbicide is a new broad-spectrum product with powerful burndown and residual control that helps growers address the issue of weed resistance. After receiving U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration earlier this year, Zidua PRO herbicide is now in market and available for purchase. read more

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Portland Debuts BIKETOWN for All: Portland becomes only the third US city to offer a cash option to purchase a bike share membership

2016-10-28 23:18:01| PortlandOnline

Delivering on its promise to develop an equitable bike share system, Portlands bike share program, BIKETOWN, announced a new program today called BIKETOWN for All. Discounted memberships now available for Portlanders living on low incomes.

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