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Wimbledon 2018: AI uses player emotions to edit highlights

2018-06-26 08:18:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Wimbledon and IBM are using artificial intelligence systems to automatically edit the tennis action.

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Roller coaster of emotions makes for exciting ride

2018-05-04 11:00:00| National Hog Farmer

There may be a lot of dark clouds on the horizon, but together we can all weather this storm.

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The Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying Its Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

2017-01-18 23:10:51| AutomotiveDigest.com - Automotive Industry News

Freak Out, Buy a Car: 5 of 8 Emotional Steps in buying a car are Negative, Frustrating & Fearful. SITUATION That Prompted Research: Emotions drive purchase decision;Cause shoppers to leave before sale. Buyer research rates positive feelings during 8 steps of purchase. Tradein appraisals, deal terms, & financing made people disappointed. SIGNIFICANCE of Research: Dealers can control car buying experience & manage buyer emotions. Emotional highs & lows of vehicle purchase are measured & rated. Dealers to be transparent with pricing, payments & educate prior to F&I. The Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying Car Its Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

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KOIN: Portland explosion aftermath: 'Emotions running high'

2016-11-03 01:07:24| PortlandOnline

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Apple's Switch to Squirt Gun Emoji Triggers Flood of Emotions

2016-08-04 01:21:51| TechNewsWorld

Apple earlier this week announced its decision to change the gun emoji in iOS 10, to be released this fall. It plans to substitute an image of a green-and-orange squirt gun for the existing image of a black pistol. The new version of the gun is one of more than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters. The change appears to be a reflection of Apple's stance against gun violence.

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