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Fannie-Freddie Watchdog Vows Urgency in Housing Finance Overhaul

2019-04-15 17:18:00| National Real Estate Investor

Mark Calabria said he feels a great sense of urgency to address the overhaul of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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TPP-11 progress underscores urgency of U.S.-Japan Trade negotiations

2018-11-07 22:31:50| Beef

Without the Trans-Pacific Partnership, its essential that the U.S. and Japan negotiate a trade agreement that cuts the tariff rate on beef.

Tags: trade progress negotiations urgency


TPP-11, Japan-EU pacts underscore urgency of U.S.-Japan trade talks

2018-11-07 12:00:00| National Hog Farmer

United States will miss out on tremendous opportunities unless a trade agreement is reached with Japan.

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Brexit: Businesses and unions call for urgency

2018-06-27 02:59:31| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Groups representing millions of UK and EU workers say leaders must show "measureable progress".

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Sears Saga to Continue for Some Time, as Company Faces No Urgency to Close Stores

2016-10-14 09:00:00| National Real Estate Investor

As the value of Seritages holdings grows, does Sears have a strategy to improve its retail operations? read more

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