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Trump says Chinese 'lived too well for too long'

2018-10-11 16:30:59| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The US president says his tariffs have had "a big impact" on the Chinese economy.

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Ostrich relative lived in North America 50 million years ago

2016-07-05 12:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] IMAGE: This is a nearly complete skeleton of Calciavis grandei, a close relative of ostriches, kiwis, and emus.  Credit: Rick Edwards/American Museum of Natural History Exceedingly well-preserved bird fossil sp…

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Have The Walking Dead Heroes Lived Long Enough To Become The Villains?

2016-03-17 06:21:28| Agriculture - Topix.net

Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below. From the moments Rick & Co. were led to the Alexandria Safe Haven on The Walking Dead , it was obvious that this crew would usher in a whirlwind of changes to the community, with some far more fatal than others.

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Study: 87% of worlds population in 2013 lived in areas exceeding WHO PM2.5 guidelines

2015-12-06 12:55:32| Green Car Congress

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Regulatory boost for rail tank car makers could be short lived

2015-06-02 09:40:32| Railroads - Topix.net

Oil railcar makers hoping for a lasting boost in demand from tougher North American safety standards may be in for a disappointment. Factors including volatile oil prices and a loophole allowing shippers to keep running older cars could leave rail car makers like Trinity Industries Inc and Greenbrier Co with a capacity glut, once initial orders for cars that comply with tougher safety rules are filled, analysts and industry officials said.

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