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Prada to stop using fur from next year

2019-05-22 15:56:14| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The Italian fashion house will no longer use fur from next year, joining the list of fur-free brands.

Tags: year stop fur prada


Phoenix Installs Cameras to Stop Illegal Trash Dumping

2019-05-17 10:00:00| Waste Age

Next year, the city hopes to add 10 new sets of cameras.

Tags: stop cameras phoenix illegal


Ofcom forces UK telcos and ISPs to stop ripping off their customers

2019-05-15 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

The UK's telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has set out new rules, which will force telecoms service providers to inform their customers when they reach the end of their contract and to inform them of better deals that are available. The new legislation will require UK internet service providers (ISPs)…read more on TotalTele.com »

Tags: their stop customers forces


Stop myco and circovirus losses

2019-04-25 00:29:00| National Hog Farmer

Focus on mycoplasma and circovirus prove profitable for pig producers.

Tags: stop losses circovirus


Your next new car will try to stop you speeding

2019-04-23 01:06:58| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Drivers will find it harder to break speed limits, thanks to "intelligent speed assistance" systems.

Tags: you car stop speeding


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