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Managing Costs by Managing Leachate

2018-05-30 09:28:01| Waste Age

Whether leachate is being treated onsite or at the publicly-owned treatment works (POTW), leachate management is a very significant cost for most engineered landfills. Tighter future limits and treatment of emerging contaminants such as per- and poly

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What's New with Leachate Management

2018-03-12 18:27:22| Waste Age

Leachate management can be one of the greatest expenses landfill operators have. And, as WWTP's impose new pretreatment requirements on landfills, these costs will likely increase. So, it's always worthwhile to keep up with what's coming up with leac

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How Controlling Leachate on the Front End at Landfills Can Minimize Headaches Later

2017-10-10 16:12:00| Waste Age

Leachate management is among landfill owners highest operating costs, up to 30 percent, according to a Brown and Caldwell report.

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Lawmakers Consider Veto Override on N.C. Leachate Spraying Bill

2017-08-25 17:13:03| Waste Age

Lawmakers are considering an override of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's veto, claiming that the proposed bill could help landfills cut down on treatment costs.

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10 Tips for Preventing Landfill Leachate

2017-07-18 17:13:19| Waste Age

SCS Engineers highlights 10 tips to help landfill operators prevent leachate generation.

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