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No new 2p or 2 coins to be made for 10 years

2020-09-18 01:09:13| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Coin mountains in storage mean The Royal Mint has no plans to produce any more for a decade.

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Covid pushes New Zealand into worst recession in years

2020-09-17 05:28:01| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The country saw early success in keeping out the virus, but strict measures have taken a toll.

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EPA denying petitions for small refinery RFS exemptions for past compliance years

2020-09-15 11:55:29| Green Car Congress

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Asia sees first regional recession in 60 years

2020-09-15 07:39:09| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The region's economy will shrink 0.7% in 2020 but rebound next year, says the Asian Development Bank.

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40 years of forestry and logging

2020-09-09 14:08:17| Industry Product and Service Suppliers | Latest Listings

Suddenly you realize that time has passed. It can make you wonder; How did that happen? It can also make you wonder; What happened? Thatīs a good question. What actually happened during the 40 + years I have worked within forestry and logging? The trees look more or less the same, but what are the […] The post 40 years of forestry and logging appeared first on Forestry.com.

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