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Mica Is Base for New Setting Powders

2018-08-29 16:00:00| Happi Breaking News

Lawless 'Seal the Deal' to arrive at Sephora online in September.

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PPG DESOTHANE HD 9008 Mica Basecoat-clearcoat Qualified by Airbus

2018-07-11 19:29:00| Coatings World Breaking News

Tags: qualified mica airbus ppg


Das Boia Mica Tal in Fagaras: Europas wildestes Tal verdient Schutz

2016-08-03 09:40:56| Euronatur - Pressemitteilungen

Das wahrscheinlich wildeste Tal im Herzen Europas wurde kürzlich in Rumänien entdeckt. Gleichzeitig warnt heute die rumänische Naturschutzorganisation Agent Green davor, dass dieses Paradies schon bald zerstört sein könnte.

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Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econ mica Upholds Unconditional...

2016-03-30 20:27:39| Air Courier - Topix.net

This announcement does not constitute an offer, or any solicitation of any offer, to buy or subscribe for any securities in TNT Express N.V. The Offer is made solely pursuant to the offer document, dated August 21, 2015 , approved by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets . Terms not defined in this press release will have the meaning as set forth in the Offer Document.

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HARTING'S IIC MICA "shows its stuff" in Etos Concept Car at CES

2015-12-22 11:31:13| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Etos I8 low HARTINGs new IIC MICA, a modular platform of open hardware and software, is built into the most intuitive bit of automotive design and engineering yet Rinspeeds Etos concept, on display for its worldwide debut at CES in Las Vegas (Jan 6-9). andrew00-16-970x647-c 01 Rinspeed Etos concept car driving...

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