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Drinks billionaire criticised over handicapped gaffe

2019-03-08 21:46:05| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Nick Caporella likened managing a soft drinks brand to caring for a handicapped person.

Tags: drinks handicapped criticised billionaire


I'm A Celebrity app's gambling ads criticised

2019-02-06 01:15:44| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The UK's advertising watchdog says steps should have been taken to hide them from under-18s.

Tags: ads celebrity apps gambling


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey criticised for 'tone deaf' Myanmar tweets

2018-12-09 12:15:19| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Jack Dorsey is accused of ignoring the persecution of the country's Muslim Rohingya minority.

Tags: jack ceo tone myanmar


Xiaomi criticised for UK smartphone 1 flash sale

2018-11-12 17:53:40| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Xiaomi offered only two or three phones at the advertised price.

Tags: sale flash smartphone criticised


Bank of England criticised for 390,000 FPC travel bill

2018-06-26 21:20:59| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Conservative MP Simon Clarke describes expenses for two members of a Bank committee as "staggering".

Tags: travel bill bank england


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