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Colgate and Phelps Continue Water Conservation Program

2018-04-17 12:00:00| Happi Breaking News

Google Assistant and water-activated drain sticker are part of initiatives.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Continue to Dominate Apartment Lending

2018-04-17 09:25:35| National Real Estate Investor

Agency lenders are making more permanent loans than ever on apartment properties.

Tags: continue mac apartment lending


Pay TV operators worldwide continue to invest in advanced STBs

2018-04-09 13:30:42| Digital TV News

According to Dataxis, Pay TV operators continue to invest in advanced STBs. Dataxis has analysed the details of more than 240 deals made by operators worldwide in the last three years.

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Lunar X Prize Will Continue Without a Cash Prize

2018-04-06 22:02:37| Extremetech

The original Google Lunar X Prize asked participants to undertake the seemingly attainable goal of getting a small rover onto the lunar surface. No one could do it in time to claim the prize. The post Lunar X Prize Will Continue Without a Cash Prize appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Oklahoma teacher walkout will continue into Friday

2018-04-06 01:25:47| American School & University

Students in the state have missed a week of classes as teacher seek greater funding for education.

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