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Hog producers continue to ramp up production, despite negative returns

2019-02-28 15:15:00| National Hog Farmer

Pork exports could rise 6% this year to 6.3 billion pounds which Shagam says would be a record in terms of our exports.

Tags: continue production returns negative


Rail franchise model cannot continue, says review chief

2019-02-26 19:57:47| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The man leading a review of Britain's rail system says franchising no longer delivers "clear benefits".

Tags: review model continue chief


Lighter carcass weights continue supporting market

2019-02-23 01:17:00| Beef

Calf and feeder cattle prices traded steady to either side of even, while fed cattle prices looked to take a step higher.

Tags: market continue supporting lighter


Negotiations continue as Denver teachers strike enters third day

2019-02-13 21:29:58| American School & University

Wednesday's talks appear to be less contentious than earlier meetings.

Tags: day continue strike teachers


Meat Market Update | Steaks continue to lead the way

2019-02-13 17:59:00| Beef

Steaks for Valentine's Day? While that's always a good choice, it is the steaks being booked ahead for spring weather and grilling season that is currently pulling the cutout higher.

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