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Boys Spend Their Final Weeks of Summer Collecting Trash

2018-08-21 15:27:35| Waste Age

Four boys, ranging from ages four through 12, collected 83 gallons of trash while visiting local parks this summer.

Tags: final weeks summer boys


KGW: 'Carmageddon' begins: Southbound I-5 ramp to I-84 closed for two weeks

2018-07-09 17:46:15| PortlandOnline

News story posted to KGW.com July 9, 2018.

Tags: two weeks closed begins


CO2 supplies 'may take two weeks to return to normal'

2018-07-02 08:49:08| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A carbon dioxide plant is due to restart but meat processors warn it may take weeks for it to reach them.

Tags: to return normal weeks


TSB crisis continues eight weeks on

2018-06-12 15:58:43| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The problems caused by TSB's computer chaos are continuing more than eight weeks after the

Tags: on weeks continues crisis


View this week's City Council agenda

2018-06-11 17:53:07| PortlandOnline

Tags: view city weeks agenda


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