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New method from EPFL more than doubles sugar production from plants

2018-09-17 18:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: method production plants sugar


CMU-led team develops method of aerosol jet 3D printing battery electrode materials for exceptionally high capacity batteries

2018-07-31 12:57:08| Green Car Congress

Tags: high team method materials


Microfibre research proposes standardised test method

2018-07-19 14:03:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

Research carried out in Sweden with input from three brands including H&M, has recommended a standardised test method for measuring microfibres shed during the washing of garments.

Tags: research test method proposes


Stanford team proposes continuous electrochemical heat engines as a direct method of harvesting heat to electricity

2018-07-16 11:57:17| Green Car Congress

Tags: to team method direct


KAUST develops radically simplified method for accurately simulating fuel combustion; aid to engine design

2018-07-03 13:57:11| Green Car Congress

Tags: design method engine aid


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