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Wake Your Echo in True 'Star Trek' Style

2017-02-08 11:05:17| PC Magazine Speakers Product Guide

Device owners can activate Alexa by saying "Computer."

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05.08.12 -- Record-Breaking Radio Waves From Ultra-Cool Star

2017-02-08 08:12:15| rfglobalnet News Articles

05/08/12 RF Globalnet Newsletter

Tags: radio star waves radio waves


Snapchat star

2017-02-04 03:28:09| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Tanner Fox, a vlogger who is a star on YouTube and Snapchat, explains how he makes money from social media.

Tags: star snapchat


K&N-Sponsored Rider and Driver Sara Price Presented Prestigious Rising Star Award

2016-11-17 21:57:00| K&N Racing News

The talented racer was recognized at the 2016 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Ceremony for her numerous accomplishments.

Tags: price star presented award


Scientists plan to aim the worlds most powerful telescopes at the alien megastructure star

2016-10-28 19:35:28| Extremetech

We still can't explain why KIC 8462852 (aka Tabby's Star) is dimming, but focusing the combined power of Earth's most powerful radio telescopes on the distant star should help us uncover its mysteries. The post Scientists plan to aim the world’s most powerful telescopes at the ‘alien megastructure star’ appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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