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Facility Rentals FAQs

2018-10-12 00:38:29| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 598kbCategory: Rentals and Party Packages

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Effect of short-term rentals on housing crisis unknown

2018-08-09 19:25:08| PortlandOnline

Tags: effect unknown housing rentals


Three Ways to Invest in Single-Family Rentals Without Cutting Corners

2018-08-06 17:27:30| National Real Estate Investor

The independent investor must create efficiencies and drive steady earnings to keep an edge.

Tags: without ways cutting rentals


City Council to Vote on Creating a Massive Database for Portland Rentals

2018-07-27 23:51:08| PortlandOnline

Alex Zielinski in the Portland Mercury, July 25, 2018

Tags: city database vote creating


A $1 Billion Bet Americans Will Need More Single-Family Rentals

2018-07-09 22:28:17| National Real Estate Investor

Pretium Partners LLC closed on its second single-family rental fund with more than $1 billion in equity commitments.

Tags: americans rentals billion bet


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