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Employment tribunals: 'I sued my boss and won'

2019-07-23 01:17:21| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Charlotte Loubser is one of an increasing number of people making claims against their former employers.

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How Japan's trade row with South Korea could hit tech supplies

2019-07-23 01:17:09| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A trade row between Japan and South Korea could pose a threat to supplies of smartphones and devices.

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Should robots ever look like us?

2019-07-23 01:16:10| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Some think humanoid robots will be easier to interact with, but others think we'll find them creepy.

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Could Iran tensions push up petrol prices?

2019-07-23 01:07:31| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Oil and petrol prices have only risen modestly because of the crisis in the Gulf, but that could change.

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

What's the best way to stay awake in meetings?

2019-07-22 22:40:34| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Most of us have experienced meeting-induced drowsiness - here are six tips to beating it.

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