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Hotels train staff to spot human trafficking

2019-02-13 01:07:16| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The check-in desks of hotels are becoming the front line for detecting victims of human trafficking.

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Valentine's Day: Japan falling out of love with 'obligation chocolates'

2019-02-13 01:06:10| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Some women in Japan are moving away from the custom of giving 'obligation chocolates' to male colleagues.

Tags: day love japan obligation

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Crackdown on young celebs in gambling ads

2019-02-13 01:05:03| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Cartoon figures and young stars will be banned from many adverts in a bid to protect children.

Tags: young ads gambling crackdown

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Brexit doubts leave firms 'hung out to dry'

2019-02-12 23:31:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

With less than 50 days until Brexit, critical questions remain, says the British Chambers of Commerce.

Tags: leave dry firms hung

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

'I was in the taxi and he put his hand on my knee'

2019-02-12 20:12:11| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

As taxi drivers face the prospect of extra criminal checks, one woman tells of being assaulted by her driver.

Tags: on my hand put

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

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