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CAST studies how robots could work better with people

2017-11-16 01:45:34| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A new research lab is looking to find the best ways to train robots to work with people.

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Special effects

2017-11-16 01:06:44| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Ryan Johnson's low-cost movie props are proving popular among a new generation of filmmakers

Tags: special effects special effects effects special

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Will doing a degree land you a career?

2017-11-16 01:01:13| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Two recent graduates explain how they are currently over-qualified as the CIPD asks: Are degree courses creating value for the UK economy?

Tags: you land degree career

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Chevron says it will push for Myanmar human rights

2017-11-16 01:00:38| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The US oil giant has multi-billion dollar investments in a region where the UN has alleged ethnic cleansing.

Tags: rights human push myanmar

Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Russia and Venezuela agree debt deal

2017-11-16 00:46:23| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Russia said it had agreed to minimal repayments over six years on more than $3bn in debts.

Tags: agree deal russia venezuela

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