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Brexit: No-deal will near-bankrupt UK, says Branson

2018-12-14 10:19:55| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The Virgin founder says "quite a few" UK businesses will close if there is a no-deal Brexit.

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Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Branson: Hard Brexit would torpedo some Virgin firms

2018-12-14 10:09:40| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Sir Richard Branson has spoken out against a hard Brexit, warning it would be "an absolute disaster".

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Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Half of UK homes could get faster broadband

2018-12-14 06:00:03| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

New research suggests that people have not taken up faster services, even though they are available.

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Category:Consumer Goods and Services

China buys US soybeans for first time since trade war

2018-12-14 05:17:21| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

One of the biggest casualties of the US-China trade war has been the US soybean sector.

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Category:Consumer Goods and Services

Christmas Jumper Day: Who wins, retailers or charity?

2018-12-14 01:58:09| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The festive campaign has become an annual event, but who's the real winner - retailers or charity?

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Category:Consumer Goods and Services

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