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Shutdown avoided Trump to declare national emergency

2019-02-15 15:40:00| National Hog Farmer

Legislative Watch: Government stays open; buy-American bill introduced; limiting presidential trade authority; ag subcommittee members named; payments reach $17.2B.

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Trump says second government shutdown unlikely after deal reached

2019-02-12 19:30:57| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Mr Trump says he is "not happy" about the border security deal but does not expect a second shutdown.

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US border security deal reached to avert new US shutdown

2019-02-12 04:50:49| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

It is unclear whether Donald Trump will back the proposed border security deal by a Friday deadline.

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How the CRE Industry Can Rise to the Potential Challenge of a Government Shutdown 2.0

2019-01-30 09:31:25| National Real Estate Investor

If federal workers are furloughed once again and cannot pay their rent, compassion is what is called for.

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U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls to 18-Month Low Amid Shutdown

2019-01-29 18:30:18| National Real Estate Investor

The Conference Board confidence index fell to 120.2 in January from 126.6.

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