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Nothing to do with Sawmilling but very funny!

2017-04-20 03:59:51| Sawmill and bandmill blog

Tags: very funny sawmilling


New details on Nintendos mini-NES point to gorgeous graphics, but very short cables

2016-10-03 20:16:47| Extremetech

Classic Nintendo games didn't look this good when they were new, but you'll have to plan around the absurdly short controller cables.

Tags: very details point short


Yes, Google Play is tracking you and thats just the tip of a very large iceberg

2016-09-14 15:05:27| Extremetech

A new story highlights how Google Play tracks users via location services embedded in the API. That's true -- but it's a bit beside the point if you care about privacy and anonymity.

Tags: of very large play


Junos first close-up images of Jupiter reveal a very different gas giant

2016-09-06 13:30:37| Extremetech

Juno sends back stunning images of Jupiter after its first full orbit of the gas giant.

Tags: very images gas giant


Of dead chickens and arguments that are very much alive

2016-08-10 18:58:00| Beef

Will science ever be considered in the debate over antibiotic-resistant bacteria? read more

Tags: very much dead alive


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