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Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopts zero-emission vehicle standard

2019-08-16 23:55:53| Green Car Congress

Tags: control quality standard air


EFG Companies launches MAP Electric Vehicle Protection for EV customers; 11 years, 150k miles

2019-08-16 11:55:47| Green Car Congress

Tags: map years companies protection


International consortium working on new sensor technology to measure real-world, in-use vehicle emissions

2019-08-14 12:55:48| Green Car Congress

Tags: international technology working measure


Mercedes-Benz Energy, Beijing Electric Vehicle start development partnership on 2nd-life battery storage

2019-08-08 16:55:33| Green Car Congress

Tags: start development energy storage


Retailing Leader, Walmart, Delivering Groceries with Level 4 Vehicle Plus Driver

2019-08-07 22:12:50| AutomotiveDigest.com - Automotive Industry News

Walmart is experimenting with monitored self driving delivery vans Gatiks self-driving Ford vans have started shuttling groceries for Walmart Now delivering customer online grocery orders from Walmarts main warehouse to its neighborhood stores. Walmart is using this project to capture data that will help to learn how best to integrate autonomous vehicles. See more details about how Walmart is preparing to add AV's to Delivery model. __________________________________________________________________________________ The Article <a href="https://automotivedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Gatik-Walmart-Content.pdf"> <img src="https://automotivedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Ford___Walmart_1.0-1-450x300.jpg" alt width="450" height="300" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-202886"> <strong><span style="Font-size:150%;">Retailing Leader, Walmart, Delivering Groceries with Level 4 Vehicle Plus Driver</span></strong></a> appeared first on Automotive Digest.

Tags: plus level leader driver


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