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Reported Data Breaches Decline in H1 2020

2020-09-03 21:35:58| TechNewsWorld

Data breaches were rampant in 2019, occurring at an unprecedented pace. However, the first half of this year has seen a reduction in the number of reported events. Reported being the operative word. In all, more than 15 billion records were exposed in nearly 7,100 data breaches last year. This year however, the number of publicly reported data breaches has decreased.

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June 2020 Fire Report: 34 Reported Incidents, 17 Successfully Eliminated by Fire Rover

2020-07-09 14:31:00| Waste Age

June is always a busy month for fires in waste and recycling facilities. June officially begins the summertime spike that we have been experiencing since I began tracking fire incidents in 2016. This year is unique because June is not only the beg

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Study finds automatic monitors significantly improve the quality of pollution data reported in China

2020-07-01 11:55:35| Green Car Congress

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Calls for Service and Reported Offenses

2020-07-01 00:37:30| PortlandOnline

May 29, 2020 to June 29, 2020 PDF Document, 898kbCategory: Crime Statistics

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Russian Minister, Oil Majors Reported to Discuss Output Cut Extension

2020-05-27 15:51:54| OGI

The meeting is seen as support for stabilizing oil markets.

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