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NWRA Womens Council Accepting Scholarship Applications

2018-09-12 21:45:00| Waste Age

The Womens Council will award $35,000 in scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year.

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NWRA Joins Road to Zero Coalition

2018-09-11 15:53:00| Waste Age

The coalition is an effort led by the National Safety Council to end road fatalities by 2050.

Tags: road joins coalition road joins


NWRA Welcomes Jon Kyl Back to the Senate

2018-09-07 15:30:00| Waste Age

Following a six-year absence, Kyl was sworn in to fill the seat held by the late Sen. John McCain.

Tags: back jon senate welcomes


NWRA Urges FMCSA to Exempt Waste, Recycling from ELD Rule

2018-09-06 17:40:00| Waste Age

In its comments, NWRA says ELDs are counterproductive to safety in the waste and recycling industry.

Tags: rule waste recycling exempt


NWRA Urges Senate to Stop Flow of Opioids into U.S.

2018-08-24 04:25:00| Waste Age

Legislation provides tools to federal agencies to prevent the shipment of powerful opioid drugs to the U.S.

Tags: us stop flow senate


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