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A Bad Start on Reforming Fannie and Freddie: Richard Koss

2018-01-16 16:18:26| National Real Estate Investor

By lowering the corporate tax rate, the tax reform has also lowered the value of an asset sitting on the balance sheets of Fannie and Freddie.

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UK start up to provide FTTH services to 35% of new homes by 2021

2018-01-11 01:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

Broadband and technology entrepreneur Elfred Thomas has launced British Fibre Networks, a new company which aims to provide pure fibre connectivity and a choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to all new build homes in the UK. British Fibre Networks will offer new homeowners the chance to experience greater broadband capacity and speeds of up to 1GB from their chosen ISP…read more on TotalTele.com »

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Start a Business Watch

2018-01-03 18:55:57| PortlandOnline

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Households urged to start saving now for next Christmas

2018-01-02 02:54:16| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

More people will struggle with money this January than was the case last year, a debt charity says.

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Start a Park+Walk

2017-12-28 20:17:55| PortlandOnline

Live too far away? Park a few blocks from school and still get those steps in!

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