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Large-scale study associates even brief exposure to PM2.5 with childhood lung infections

2018-04-14 11:57:07| Green Car Congress

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Barn location can impact PRRS exposure risk

2018-03-29 02:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

Several factors go into selecting a site for a pork-production unit, but research shows there are a couple more — specifically, terrain and vegetation — that may influence exposure to the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV).

Tags: location impact risk exposure


Air pollution exposure during fetal life linked to brain alterations and cognitive impairment in children

2018-03-09 12:57:11| Green Car Congress

Tags: in life air children


City Council Makes Demolitions Safer for Lead Exposure

2018-02-02 18:16:33| PortlandOnline

Steve Law in the Portland Tribune, February 1, 2018

Tags: city makes lead council


Super Bowl creates super exposure for agriculture

2018-02-02 12:00:00| National Hog Farmer

Ive heard theres some big sporting event happening this weekend. Eyes of the sporting world will be cast upon my home state as U.S. Bank stadium in Minneapolis will be hosting Super Bowl LII (thats 52 for the non-Romans in the readership). The sta

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