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Highly Sensitive Encrypted Email at Risk of Exposure

2018-05-15 18:36:49| TechNewsWorld

A newfound flaw in email clients that use PGP and S/MIME to encrypt messages can be exploited to expose the plain text of the missives, according to a new paper. By injecting malicious snippets of text into encrypted messages, attackers can use the flaw to make the email client exfiltrate decrypted copies of the emails, explained the authors, a team of researchers from three European universities.

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6% of U.S. broadband households highly likely to subscribe to online pay-TV in the next 12 months

2018-05-14 19:00:00| Digital TV News

New research from Parks Associates shows that 6% of U.S. broadband households are highly likely to subscribe to an online pay-TV service within the next 12 months, which would more than double the number subscribing today.

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Georgia Tech team develops highly efficient multi-phase catalyst for SOFCs and other energy storage and conversion systems

2018-03-17 12:57:00| Green Car Congress

Tags: team systems highly energy


Univ. of Twente team develops highly efficient Si photocathode for solar fuels production

2018-01-23 12:56:20| Green Car Congress

Tags: team production highly efficient


Johns Hopkins team plates Pt on cobalt to create low-cost, highly efficient fuel cell catalysts

2018-01-11 11:56:36| Green Car Congress

Tags: create team cell highly


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