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GameStop: Real Wolf of Wall Street warns 'you could lose it all'

2021-02-02 15:58:18| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Jordan Belfort says amateurs should "take their chips off the table" as shares in the retailer tumble.

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Student rent: 'This wouldn't happen in real life'

2021-01-26 15:41:40| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The BBC has discovered sharp contrasts in the way universities are handling rent for unused accommodation.

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Pensions Swamped in a Sea of Negative Real Rates: Brian Chappatta

2020-12-28 16:47:00| National Real Estate Investor

The 30-year U.S. real yield has been negative since mid-June after never falling below zero at any point since at least 2004.

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Billionaire Reubens Bet Big on Manhattans Battered Real Estate

2020-12-21 21:07:00| National Real Estate Investor

Simon and David Reuben spent almost $2.5 billion on U.S. property acquisitions and financings, including office, retail and hotel assets.

Tags: real big estate bet


Five Steps to Construct a Diverse Real Estate Investment Portfolio

2020-12-21 18:15:00| National Real Estate Investor

Here are some guidelines on maximizing returns and minimizing risks when building your commercial real estate portfolio.

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