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Ariane Product Assurance and Safety Engineer

2021-10-20 15:12:10| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Position Reference 1067 We are currently looking for an Ariane Product Assurance and Safety Engineer to work at ESA HQ in the city of Paris, France. You will have the opportunity to support the ESA PA Safety Manager for designated projects in conducting, monitoring assessing the implementation of the PA Safety Programme. Tasks and Activities The scope of work will include Contributing for establishing the PAS requirements baseline for elements of Ariane exploitation designated projects, in compliance with the ESA general Product Assurance and Safety policy Produce and implement necessary plans, define inputs, outputs, participants, responsibilities, interfaces, coordinate efforts of participants, and produce resulting consolidated inputs. Verifying that the PAS requirements are taken into account by projects, Demonstrating of appropriate application of Management Specifications in coherence with Applicable PA management rules. Reviewing contractors plans, specifications and effort proposed for the execution of the projects PAS programme in order to assess their performance and effectiveness ensuring that the PAS requirements are properly addressed by the Prime and throughout the overall contractual chain and proposing the necessary preventive and corrective actions Produce reports of review activities performed e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed and conclusionsrecommendations. Monitoring project PA status identify relevant PA issues, including NCR Waivers Problems Critical Items and systematically tracking all items. Produce monthly reports of monitoring activities performed e.g. inspections, checks, visits, reviews, including conclusions and recommendations. Assessing the implementation of PAS requirements by contractors, participating in projects design andor safety reviews and directing the necessary preventive or corrective actions Produce monthly reports with assessment activities performed e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed. Supporting project for development reviews preparation and follow up organization of documentation key points, participation in Project review as Quality animator, contribution to design, acceptance TRR, TRB, and safety reviews, and activities related to preventivecorrective action. Representing ESA in the Boards established within the project for the disposition of Nonconformances Failure Reviews, Test Reviews, etc. Produce reports of participation to boards, indicating the contribution made to these boards e.g. review of agendas, participants, minutes of meeting, action follow up, closeout. Guiding and monitoring the application and procurement of EEE parts, materials and processes and controlling implementation of applicable requirements. Monitoring the manufacturing, integration and test activities with quality assurance audits, mandatory and key inspection points, test witnessing and configuration inspections Produce report on activities performed with conclusion and recommendations. Contributing to define the formal acceptance requirements and conducting the Acceptance Reviews of all contractual deliverable items Controlling NCR Waivers Problems Critical Items. Produce meeting agendas, check that all inputs are available for the NRB or CCB, check that all needed participants are involved, produce NRB or CCB minutes of meeting, followup on actions identified, ensure proper nonconformancewavierproblemcritical item closeout. Produce also reports on control activities performed. Organizing with the support of CNES support Quality and Maintenance audits, quality inquiry as necessary, Responsible for project RAMS management activities status managing CIL participating to safety file as necessary. Contributing to ESA STS PA activities within the framework of Agencys mandate in the launchers exploitation phase. Establishing monthly Product Assurance and Safety synthesis in close cooperation with the PAM and with PA Safety support RAMS, technologies. Skills and Experience The following skills and experience are mandatory Masters Degree in engineering or technical sciences, with at least 4 years of relevant working experience. Significant experience in Product Assurance and Quality Assurance in the space domain. Good experience in the launcher domain. Fluency in English and French, both written and spoken. The following skills and experience are highly desirable Good knowledge of Configuration Management or the implementation of Product Assurance within a quality system certified to ISO 9001. How to Apply Looking to take your career to the next level? Interested applicants should submit their CV and Cover Letter to RHEAs Recruitment team at careersrheagroup.com no later than 29102021. Preference will be given to candidates eligible for an EU or national personal security clearance at the level of CONFIDENTIAL or above. About RHEA Group RHEA Group is a leading engineering consultancy firm with demonstrated expertise in space, system and secure software solutions. We attract skilled engineers, scientists and management professionals and offer a range of exciting career paths working alongside clients such as the European Space Agency, the European GNSS Agency, EUMETSAT and NATO.

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Airtel launches Video Platform as a Service product

2021-10-20 08:49:40| Digital TV News

October 19, 2021 Bharti Airtel has launched Airtel IQ Video, a Video Platform as a Service offering. Airtel IQ Video allows businesses to build video streaming products with minimal investment in infrastructure and technology.

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Trending Headlines: Steak to become a luxury product?

2021-10-13 22:23:00| Beef

Food prices rising. Industry tackles fairness in cattle markets. Climate change and beef continues to be a discussion.

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Product Assurance Expert

2021-10-08 14:12:47| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

GENERAL ENVIRONMENT Part of the Eiffage Group 70 000 staff, 18b, which is a key player on Ground Segment for Aeronautics Space in Europe, Clemessy Netherlands BV is a Services Center to provide Maintenance Engineering Support to our main customers. Located in Noordwijk NL at the ESA supported SBIC innovation center, we offer a rewarding work environment with high skilled opportunities on all the main European programs. Besides our Noordwijk Netherlands offices, Clemessy space technology have knowledge centers in Mulhouse and Paris in France Basel Switzerland Italy, and at Launch sites in French Guyana. We deliver directly to ESA on activities, and since 50 years, we work together with CNES, ArianeGroup, Airbus etc. Currently, over 350 experienced engineers work on space related projects. Clemessy offers a position for you in the dynamic space tech industry. Our company offers a stable house of expertise, where you as an engineer can learn from experienced staff. Our wide span of industry activities allows you to move relatively easy into a next position, role responsibility or specialized space products such as control command engineering launch testing, EGSE, simulation equipment etc. Clemessy management and our HR services facilitate this, and we offer clear and mature support processes. For our customer, the European Space Agency ESA HQ in Paris, we are currently looking for a Product Assurance specialist Space sector to work in Paris. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES You work in the Ariane exploitation area in close cooperation with the other product assurance experts and with the RAMS offices, in coordination with CNES You set up the requirements baseline in compliance with the ESA general Product Assurance and Safety policy You create plans and the required input and desired output You work with the projects to stimulate that they work according the product assurance rules You review contractor documentation and provide feedback You work with the projects to report any issues that occur, and manage the issues according to the documentation and project quality standards You monitor the status of product assurance related matters and produce monthly board reports You perform safety reviews and carry out inspections, visits and checks With the support of CNES with carry out Quality and Maintenance audits, and make quality inquiries as necessary You will carry out project RAMS management activities status and participate in safety file as necessary QUALIFICATIONS Masters degree in engineering with 4 years of relevant experience. also contact us with your profile if you have less years of experience pls! You have maybe worked for one of the smaller ESA contractors before, and would like to proceed to a lqrger organisation where you can learn more You are educated at main educations and institutions such as Delft and Eindhoven Universiteit, Cranfield, and the leading french engineering schools, Significant experience in Product Assurance and Quality Assurance in the space domain. Configuration management and ISO 9001 are known to you and you posses proven knowledge certificate Preferably good knowledge of the French language, and surely a good professional command of the English language You have good experience in the Ariane launcher domain We provide a structured interview procedure with the experts from our company. Our main aim is to understand your technical and domain expertise. Clemessy space tech welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds. We offer a safe work environment and intercolleagial culture, so that you can focus fully on what you like to do best. YOUR BASE You become part of the Clemessy Netherlands BV services center, and as a first assignment, you work onsite fulltime position at the ESA HQ premises in Paris. Your work may require frequent travel within Europe and also to French Guyana. ESTIMATED START DATE to be determined based on your possibilities Contact casper.hoppeeiffage.com or feel free to whatsapp 31 619 662270

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EU Clothing Imports in 2nd Quarter and 1st Half 2021: Product Categories (Quarterly Report)

2021-09-28 12:09:59| EmergingTextiles.com

Although surging from the low levels of the past year, EU's clothing imports have not returned to their pre-pandemic levels of 2019, in the second quarter, and the first half of 2021. Results have been different amid product categories, with woven shirts more affected, due to the persistent lockdown in South Asia. Our data cover the 27 members of the European Union, now excluding the U.K. Data cover the second quarter and the first half of 2016-21, with volume, value, and unit value changes in euro and US$ terms per HS 4-digit product category. Full tables are available for download.

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