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EPA Study Shows Plastic Waste Has Doubled Over Past Decade

2018-12-07 14:32:00| Waste Age

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that single-use materials such as coffee cups have become a very significant part of what's discarded.

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Read about past Disability Power PDX Cohorts

2018-12-05 19:19:16| PortlandOnline

Learn about our past Disability Power PDX leadership cohorts

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5 Trending Headlines: Select beef a thing of the past? PLUS: Antibiotic resistance not lower in antibiotic-free burgers

2018-12-03 17:08:00| Beef

For decades, Select grade beef represented a significant percent of beef production. Now its dropped significantly. This weeks Trending Headlines brings you an explanation.

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London dominates UK jobs growth over past decade

2018-11-27 02:10:42| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

But the north-east of England saw the lowest percentage increase in new jobs, analysis shows.

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It Is Well Past Time for Elections to Be Online

2018-11-05 17:51:07| TechNewsWorld

Tomorrow a minority of those who are eligible will take time off, drive through traffic, and wait in lines to take part in one of the most artificially annoying obligations of United States citizenship: voting. Many who make that inconvenient trek will treat the process like a multiple choice test they haven't studied for, either voting the party line or guessing at the right answers.

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