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Credit and debit card surcharges to be banned

2017-07-19 01:00:09| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The worst offenders are airlines and food delivery apps, the government has said.

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Millions of Indian debit cards 'compromised' in security breach

2016-10-21 09:39:57| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A number of Indian banks are taking safety measures amid fears that the security of millions of debit cards may have been compromised.

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RBS debit card system problems hit customers

2016-10-14 16:18:38| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Customers are having difficulties making NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank debit card payments after a widespread problem with the RBS card payments system.

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Ditch the Debit Card, Android Pay Comes to ATMs

2016-05-19 19:04:26| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Android Pay is coming to ATMs and the London Underground, but even Google admits that cash is still king.

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Jewel glitch costs 2nd shopper $682.40; experts say stop using debit

2015-09-02 11:35:58| Grocery - Topix.net

The recent payment processing glitch at Jewel-Osco highlights the risk of using debit cards, which expose consumers to a cash-flow crunch if their card is compromised by such a foul-up or fraud. It's why many privacy advocates beat the drum against using debit cards, regularly warning of their dangers compared with paying by cash or credit card.

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