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Newly Nimble Family Offices Snag Deals Away From Private Equity

2017-10-20 17:12:13| National Real Estate Investor

Families were once regarded as slow-moving and inexperienced investors, but thats all changed in the past few years.

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TU/e students win Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class with solar-powered family car

2017-10-15 19:55:45| Green Car Congress

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Verizon Adds Prepaid Family Plans

2017-10-04 03:07:56| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Each member of the family will have their own data allotment, so you don't have to worry about Jan eating through everyone's gigabytes watching cat videos on YouTube.

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Appendix C: R2.5 Catalogue of 2015 New Single Family House Permits

2017-10-03 22:12:58| PortlandOnline

City staff analyzed the 2015 building permits for new one and two unit residential construction in the R2.5 zones. PDF Document, 6,622kbCategory: Residential Infill Project, Volume 3: Appendices

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Appendix B: Use of Floor Area Ratios (FARs) in Single Family Zoning

2017-10-03 22:12:26| PortlandOnline

Description of FAR and analysis of how different cities use FAR in single-dwelling zoning regulations by Dyett & Bhatia Urban and Regional Planners, June 2016. PDF Document, 4,927kbCategory: Residential Infill Project, Volume 3: Appendices

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