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SHIC keeps an eye on global swine diseases

2017-12-07 12:00:00| National Hog Farmer

This first report focuses on African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease and classical swine fever as the near real-time monitoring system is developed and tested.

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Action Environmental Adding 3rd Eye Cameras to Its Fleet

2017-12-05 18:17:25| Waste Age

The 3rd Eye camera systems also help Action management with route optimization, service verification, risky behavior reduction and post-crash fault analysis.

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Whats Trending in Eye Color?

2017-11-03 11:50:00| Happi Breaking News

Influenster finds liner buzz is waning, but users still creating dramatic looks.

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2017-10-19 22:50:01| Cattle Today

Eye problems in cattle and horses can be caused by burdock slivers. This plant has seeds that stick to fur or clothing. When ripe, the burrs release hundreds of microscopic barbed slivers. If a sliver gets into the eye, it can cause inflammation and infection that may puzzle your veterinarian, since the microscopic sliver is not easily seen. The cornea of the eye may become inflamed and ulcerated; the eye may turn cloudy and have a white spot or bulge on it.

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Eurofins Digital Testing acquires U.S.-based My Eye Media

2017-10-19 07:00:30| Digital TV News

Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that it has acquired My Eye Media to strengthen its ability to help serve multiplatform TV and video service providers, including studios, programmers, broadcasters, OTT providers and operators around the globe.

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