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Honda and Panasonic to begin experiment on battery sharing using detachable mobile batteries and electric motorcycles in Indonesia

2018-07-13 16:57:34| Green Car Congress

Tags: in mobile begin sharing


Penn State team devises solution for fast charging of Li-ion batteries at cold temperatures

2018-07-13 11:57:14| Green Car Congress

Tags: state team fast solution


First customers order the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro bus, deliveries this year; solid-state batteries, fuel-cell range-extender coming

2018-07-11 12:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: year order coming customers


EVgo launches grid-tied public fast charging system with second-life batteries

2018-07-11 10:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: system public fast batteries


Saft study on MgH2-TiH2 nanocomposites as active materials for all-solid-state lithium batteries

2018-07-09 10:56:54| Green Car Congress

Tags: study active materials batteries


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