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New dual-salt electrolyte enables stable cycling of Li metal batteries

2018-08-27 11:57:02| Green Car Congress

Tags: metal stable enables batteries


U Waterloo team shows four-electron conversion for Li-O2 batteries for high energy density; inorganic molten salt electrolyte, high temperature

2018-08-26 11:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: high team shows energy


Jülich researchers developing fast-charging solid-state batteries

2018-08-21 10:57:00| Green Car Congress

Tags: developing researchers batteries solidstate


Canada awards Nano One up to $349,000 to improve durability of Li-ion batteries; high-voltage spinel

2018-08-17 11:56:59| Green Car Congress

Tags: canada improve awards batteries


DOE funds a fifth round of projects pairing manufacturing, high performance computing; KeraCel and solid-state batteries

2018-08-16 11:56:50| Green Car Congress

Tags: high performance projects round


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