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New solid-electrolyte interphase may boost prospects for rechargeable Li-metal batteries

2019-03-12 12:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: boost batteries prospects rechargeable


Audi testing second-life EV batteries in factory vehicles

2019-03-07 11:57:25| Green Car Congress

Tags: testing vehicles factory audi


Siloxene as promising silicon intercalation anode for Li-, Na- and K-ion batteries

2019-02-17 12:57:56| Green Car Congress

Tags: na batteries silicon promising


ITA: Tin in Li-ion batteries could represent significant new use

2019-02-17 12:57:56| Green Car Congress

Tags: new use significant represent


Rice University scientists use red phosphorus to detect lithium dendrites in Li metal batteries

2019-02-15 11:57:04| Green Car Congress

Tags: red university metal rice


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