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SeaWorld Eliminates Polystyrene Foam Foodservice Products

2019-03-08 09:00:00| Waste Age

SeaWorld says the foam products have been replaced with items made from recycled materials.

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Researchers in Korea propose graphene/Ni foam as Li metal storage medium for advanced batteries

2019-01-07 10:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: advanced metal medium storage


DSNY: Foam Ban for Businesses Begins

2019-01-02 15:19:00| Waste Age

The law covers foam food containers, cups, trays, plates, bowls and packing peanuts.

Tags: businesses begins ban foam


FOAMS 2019: Advances in Foam Materials and Technology

2018-11-08 19:29:10| Canadian Plastics Headlines

Conference chair: Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Perez at  marrod@fmc.uva.es; +34 655138399 The post FOAMS 2019: Advances in Foam Materials and Technology appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

Tags: technology materials advances foam


Polymer Foam 2019

2018-10-12 21:00:39| Canadian Plastics Headlines

In the past few years, concern for the environment and improved performance/cost ratio have driven foam markets into new products and manufacturing innovation. From construction insulation, foamed pipe and profiles, and flooring and furnishing, to light-weighting of automotive components and packaging reduction, foams are… The post Polymer Foam 2019 appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

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