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Rich List: Inventor Sir James Dyson is UK's richest person

2020-05-17 01:06:27| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The entrepreneur replaces the Hinduja brothers after increasing his wealth by 3.6bn.

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Republics Rich Kang Solves Problems With a Creative Flare and Personal Touch

2020-04-28 09:00:00| Waste Age

Republics Rich Kang has worked many jobs at Republic, including those now held by his current direct reports.  Between his previous experiences in those positions and what he learns from his staff who now hold those jobs, he has gone far.

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Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds

2020-03-16 23:47:46| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The Leeds University study looked at 86 countries and came to broadly the same conclusions about the rich.

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My Money: 'Poor in money but rich in friends'

2020-03-06 01:27:30| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

As part of a BBC blog series, Joy Sterling from Gloucestershire shares what she spent her money on for a week.

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My Money: 'BOOM, suddenly 14.99 less rich!'

2019-10-17 01:12:12| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

As part of a new BBC blog series, Olivia Davies shares what she's spent her money on this week.

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