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Network Access Control in the Channel

2017-06-19 12:07:07| eWeek Outsourcing

Brian Gladstein, director of product marketing for Bit9, in Cambridge, Mass., joined David Strom, chief correspondent of Ziff Davis Enterprise Channel Insider, for a recent Channel Chat podcast. A transcript of that interview follows.

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Access to Land: Conservation Reserve Program Transition Incentives Program

2017-06-13 19:13:50| National Farmers Union

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy Administered by the Farm Service Agency, (FSA) the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) awards producers rental payments for taking environmentally sensitive land out of production. Contracts last between 10-15 years, at which point, a producer can either re-enroll or put the land back into production. In some […]

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What Can Farmers and Ranchers Do About Climate Change? Market Access for Pastured Meat

2017-06-12 18:23:36| National Farmers Union

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy The Climate Column has covered a number of grazing practices that encourage soil health, such as prescribed grazing and rotational grazing. These practices store atmospheric carbon in the soil while protecting forage from the increasingly volatile precipitation patterns driven by climate change, allowing producers to both mitigate […]

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Access to Markets: The Schaefers Farm Family & the Farm Economy

2017-06-09 18:29:17| National Farmers Union

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union When Cheryl and Fred Schaefers tied the knot 40 years ago, the two shared a strong passion for farming. And, along with crops and livestock, the couple wanted to raise a large family. We originally wanted 12 kids. Fred is the youngest of 9 and I am the […]

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Access to Efficiency: Water Rights Q&A With Harrison Topp

2017-06-08 22:24:08| National Farmers Union

By Steven Emmen, NFU Intern Earlier this week, we briefly discussed what the prior appropriation system is and its unique characteristics. To give beginning farmers a better idea of the practical application of prior appropriation, we reached out to a farmer on the western slope of Colorado. Harrison Top manages a peach farm and is looking […]

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