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Seritage Says 70% of Signed Lease Income Coming from Non-Sears Tenants

2018-12-03 20:07:00| National Real Estate Investor

Seritage Growth Properties President and CEO Benjamin Schall says 70 percent of the REIT's third-quarter income came from non-Sears tenants.

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USDA projects 12% drop in net farm income

2018-12-03 16:04:00| Beef

Production expenses projected higher with feed costs set to experience over 5% jump.

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Area Median Income (AMI) Calculator

2018-11-20 19:42:21| PortlandOnline

Use this online calculator to estimate your median income

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BTP: Gross Income of Nonresidents

2018-10-24 20:23:48| PortlandOnline

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Sears Liquidation Would Cost Seritage Half Its Rent Income

2018-10-16 20:27:27| National Real Estate Investor

According to regulatory filings, Seritage Holdings would lose $84 million in cash flow in the event of liquidation.

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