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In Q3, Tesla posts best net income, operating profit and gross profit

2021-10-21 09:56:12| Green Car Congress

Tags: net posts operating income


Marketed: Ganador Operating Southern Midland Basin Properties

2021-10-09 01:15:00| OGI

Ganador Operating LLC retained TenOaks Energy Advisors for the sale of its operated oil and gas properties in the southern Midland Basin located in the prolific Sugg Ranch in Irion County, Texas.

Tags: properties operating southern basin


Marketed: Three Summits Operating, Scurry County, Texas, Operated Properties

2021-10-05 22:05:00| OGI

Three Summits Operating LLC retained RedOaks Energy Advisors for the sale of certain operated properties including a contiguous asset base plus a large inventory of low-risk, low-cost recompletion opportunities in Scurry County, Texas.

Tags: county properties operating texas


Marketed: BC Operating Delaware Basin Nonoperated Working Interests

2021-10-04 21:10:00| OGI

BC Operating Inc. retained Detring Energy Advisors for the sale of its nonoperated working interests located in the core of the northern Delaware Basin in southwest Lea County, New Mexico.

Tags: working operating interests delaware


Toyotas Woven Planet Holdings acquires vehicle operating system developer Renovo Motors

2021-09-29 09:55:42| Green Car Congress

Tags: system operating vehicle operating system


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