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Microsofts Latest App Update Drives Negative Reviews in Windows Store

2017-10-13 15:20:32| Extremetech

You know people have to be upset when they're going to the trouble of leaving reviews in the Microsoft Store. The post Microsoft’s Latest App Update Drives Negative Reviews in Windows Store appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Microsoft's Edge Browser Is Headed to iOS, Android

2017-10-06 02:07:16| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Microsoft also today introduced a new Android launcher app, which lets you customize you phone's home screen.

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Microsoft's Satya Nadella: Judge us on value we add, not tax we pay

2017-09-29 22:22:21| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Satya Nadella speaks about the criticism facing large corporations like Microsoft over tax.

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Sony's Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft's Mistake

2017-09-25 19:46:42| TechNewsWorld

Microsoft has learned a lot of very hard lessons over the last couple of decades, and it continues to surprise and annoy me that other firms seem to have the suicidal tendency to learn the same lessons the hard way. It is far better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others, but firms like Apple, Google and, most recently, Sony seem to want to experience past Microsoft disasters first hand.

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Is Microsoft's Surface Lineup Unreliable?

2017-08-12 02:05:38| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

Consumer Reports will no longer recommend Microsoft Surface products based on consumer feedback that differs markedly from data collected by PCMag.

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