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The teenage hackers who've been given a second chance

2019-04-04 01:12:05| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Meet the former hackers who spend their days stopping the criminals they used to see as their comrades.

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End of the Line for Windows 7: Open Road for Hackers

2019-03-07 19:26:41| TechNewsWorld

Microsoft has been urging customers to upgrade from its Windows 7 operating system, while attempting to ease the transition with several options for extended support. It will stop providing routine fixes and security patches effective January 2020. Regular support for Windows Server 2008 also will end at that time. Windows 7 enterprise customers can subscribe to Extended Security Updates.

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Could hackers 'brainjack' your memories in future?

2019-02-19 01:03:25| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A decade from now, memory-boosting implants could be available commercially, but at what risk?

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E-Ticketing Flaw Exposes Airline Passenger Data to Hackers

2019-02-07 20:21:06| TechNewsWorld

The e-ticketing systems of eight airlines, including Southwest Airlines and Dutch carrier KLM, have a vulnerability that can expose passengers' personal data, mobile security vendor Wandera has reported. They use unencrypted links that hackers can intercept easily. The hackers then can view and, in some cases, even change the victim's flight booking details, or print their boarding passes.

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PewDiePie printer hackers strike again

2018-12-16 15:59:05| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The perpetrators are urging victims to support the YouTube star and protect their systems.

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