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What's the point of concept cars?

2018-10-19 01:08:41| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Concept cars look beautiful and futuristic, but why spend millions on them if they're never going to make it into production?

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Paris Motor Show: Fantasy concept cars take the stage

2018-10-05 01:16:10| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Paris Motor Show: Concept care may never make it into production, but they inspire cars that do.

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Renault introduces EZ-ULTIMO robo-vehicle concept

2018-10-03 11:57:10| Green Car Congress

Tags: concept renault introduces renault concept


ŠKODA unveiling plug-in hybrid RS concept at Paris

2018-10-02 10:57:49| Green Car Congress

Tags: paris concept hybrid plugin


FPT Industrial launches e-Powertrain organization; showcases e-powertrains at IAA CV, including H2 fuel cell concept

2018-09-21 11:57:08| Green Car Congress

Tags: including industrial cell organization


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