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Global smart labels market poised for robust growth

2017-06-22 17:21:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

Surging demand for RFID tags in the global retail industry have been pivital in boosting sales of smart labels, globally.

Tags: market global growth smart


Eight Smart Mattress

2017-06-19 12:07:36| PC Magazine: New Product Reviews

The Eight Smart Mattress is comfortable and comes with a dual-zone warming cover and the ability to track and analyze your rest each night.

Tags: smart mattress


Portal Smart Gigabit WiFi Router

2017-06-19 12:07:35| PC Magazine Wireless Networking Product Guide

With the Portal Smart Gigabit WiFi Router, you get fast throughput, MU-MIMO streaming, and a couple of extra 5GHz channels, but configurability is limited and the mobile app needs some work.

Tags: portal smart wifi router


Bitdefender Smart Home Scanner

2017-06-19 12:07:31| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Bitdefender's free Smart Home Scanner lists every device that's connected to your network, flagging those that could be vulnerable to attack. But advice on how to fix things is limited.

Tags: home smart scanner bitdefender


Valeo and Cisco unveil smart parking service

2017-06-19 11:55:42| Green Car Congress

Tags: service smart parking cisco


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