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Access to Efficiency: The Vedvei Farm Family & Cattle Breeding

2017-05-19 20:28:59| National Farmers Union

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union It was nerve-racking to watch, but seeing that smile was priceless, says Corrie, as she reminisces about watching her daughter show for the first time. A third-generation 4-H alumnus, Corrie says its exciting to see her daughter continue the family legacy of 4-H involvement and showing registered Charolais […]

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Access to Efficiency: The Painter Ranch Family & Rotational Grazing

2017-05-12 17:17:34| National Farmers Union

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union Running cattle on Harding County grasslands has been a part of the Painter family legacy since 1895, when Lewis Levi Painter rode the open range as a horse wrangler for the CY Cattle Company of Texas. He ran a few cows with the main herd and squatted on […]

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Access to Efficiency: The Affordable Care Act

2017-05-11 21:57:38| National Farmers Union

By Jimmy Dula, NFU Intern Healthcare coverage is a lingering concern for most beginning farmers. Farm work is by no means safe work. Physical demands, heavy machinery, sharp tools, and other unexpected dangers are inevitable risks on operations of all sizes. Those without health care coverage are nagged by the thought of how much a mistake could cost, both […]

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Access to Efficiency: Health Care

2017-05-09 23:01:03| National Farmers Union

By Hannah Packman, NFU Communications Coordinator Access to affordable and effective health care is a fundamental concern for many Americans. However, farmers, ranchers, and rural communities face several unique obstacles to acquiring and paying for coverage. Rural communities experience higher rates of poverty, unemployment, chronic and mental health issues, and risky behaviors than their urban […]

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Access to Efficiency: The Symens Farm Family & Conservation Practices

2017-05-05 20:25:11| National Farmers Union

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union The Symens family raises crops, purebred Limousin cattle and a feedlot near Amherst, South Dakota. “It’s a garden spot … if we get rain,” says Paul Symens, 72, when describing the land his grandpa, Harm Symens, purchased in 1910. For more than a century, the Symens family has cared […]

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