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Expand Housing Choice for Everyone: 2018 Portland Consortium Community Need Hearings

2018-10-17 19:42:40| PortlandOnline

Join us to discuss the economic, social services, and housing needs in your community. Your input will help Portland, Gresham, and Multhnomah County prioritize resources for 20192020.

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Houston board reverses course as choice for interim superintendent withdraws

2018-10-15 23:26:37| American School & University

Last week's decision to remove one interim leader in favor of another has been met with anger and disapproval.

Tags: board choice houston interim


Meat Market Update | Rib primal keeps Choice cutout afloat

2018-10-11 07:28:04| Beef

Ed Czerwien, market analyst based in Amarillo, Texas, offers a concise summary of how last week's beef trade impacted the cattle market and beef prices.

Tags: market update choice meat


Choice beef slightly harder to come by, but dont panic

2018-10-10 23:27:14| Beef

Theres been a slight reduction in the amount of Choice beef produced and a slight increase in Select. But theres still plenty of Choice and Prime beef in the market pipeline.

Tags: choice dont slightly harder


Supermarkets top choice for UK back-to-school shopping

2018-10-04 11:41:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

Supermarkets remain the UK's choice for back to school products, the findings of a new report show, with uniform remaining the largest sub-category.

Tags: top shopping choice supermarkets


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