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Chinese Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Is Plunging

2019-12-05 17:35:00| National Real Estate Investor

Chinese investors put 76 percent less money into U.S. CRE year-to-date through September than in 2018.

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Whats the Outlook for Cross-Border Investment in U.S. Real Estate Assets?

2019-11-25 16:38:00| National Real Estate Investor

While some foreign investors have taken a pause on U.S. acquisitions recently, long-term outlook for cross-border investment remains strong.

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Goldman Eyes Real Estate Investments Away from Coastal Cities

2019-11-14 21:29:00| National Real Estate Investor

The bank is looking at investing in cities including Denver, Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tenn.

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Barracks Colony Proposes Deal with Colony Credit Real Estate

2019-11-08 16:49:00| National Real Estate Investor

The transaction would transfer the management of $2.5 billion in equity to Colony Credit Real Estate Inc.

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Low U.S. Interest Rates Are Fueling a Bubble in Commercial Real Estate

2019-11-07 17:45:00| National Real Estate Investor

The question is not if, but when that bubble will pop.

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