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SUTERA Develops Solution for Safer Textile Collections

2019-01-14 09:00:00| Waste Age

The solution is an in-ground container designed with a small access tube to prevent persons from entering the unit to scavenge donated materials.

Tags: solution collections develops textile


Mazda develops first cold-stamped parts using 1,310 MPa-class high-strength steel; to be applied across the lineup starting with Mazda3

2019-01-10 10:57:27| Green Car Congress

Tags: with parts starting applied


Continental develops global 5G-Hybrid-V2X solution, wins first series project

2019-01-05 12:57:26| Green Car Congress

Tags: project series global solution


Tsinghua team develops layered-spinel lithium manganite hydrate for high-capacity and ultrafast lithium storage

2018-12-31 12:57:26| Green Car Congress

Tags: team storage develops lithium


Stanford team develops efficient OER/ORR electrocatalytic system inspired by mammalian lung

2018-12-20 17:57:28| Green Car Congress

Tags: system team efficient inspired


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