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The Extinction Event That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Almost Didnt Happen

2017-11-09 22:03:38| Extremetech

A new study suggests the chances of our existing in the first place were extremely low. The dinosaur-killing asteroid that eventually led to the rise of mammals hit exactly where it needed to. The post The Extinction Event That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Almost Didn’t Happen appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Evolution: The beneficiaries of mass extinction

2017-10-10 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] IMAGE: The mass extinction at the end of the Permian (about 252 million years ago) was the largest in Earth history, in which 70 percent of land-living vertebrates became extinct.  Credit: Victor O. Leshyk, website: victorleshyk.com Mass extinctions were …

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Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction

2017-09-20 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] In the past 540 million years, the Earth has endured five mass extinction events, each involving processes that upended the normal cycling of carbon through the atmosphere and oceans. These globally fatal perturbations in carbon each unfolded over thousands to millions of years, and are coincident with the widespread extermination of marine species around the world. The question for many scientists is whether the carbon cycle is now experiencing a significant jolt that could …

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When it comes to the threat of extinction, size matters

2017-09-18 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] CORVALLIS, Ore. — Animals in the Goldilocks zone — neither too big, nor too small, but just the right size — face a lower risk of extinction than do those on both ends of the scale, according to an extensive global analysis. Reporting today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers who determined body masses for thousands of vertebrate animal species showed that the largest and smallest species face a greater risk of extinction than do m…

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Geologist offers new clues to cause of world's greatest extinction

2017-07-31 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] A study by a researcher in the Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences offers new clues to what may have triggered the world's most catastrophic extinction, nearly 252 million years ago. James Muirhead, a research associate in the Department of Earth Sciences, is the co-author of an article in Nature Communications (Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2017) titled “Initial Pulse of Siberian Traps Sills as the Trigger of the End-Permian Mass Extinction.&quo…

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