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Coronavirus: Singapore hotels prepare for different summer season

2020-07-03 16:12:06| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Staff in Singapores hotels are preparing for a very different kind of summer season.

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Facebook: Aviva and Intercontinental Hotels Group pause ads

2020-06-30 21:11:17| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Aviva and the Intercontinental Hotels Group are the latest to suspend advertising via Facebook.

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Manhattan Hotels Pitch Rooms for Office Space With Travel Frozen

2020-06-30 20:13:00| National Real Estate Investor

The cost for the temporary office starts at $89 for four hours.

Tags: office travel space hotels


How Hotels are Trying to Keep Guests and Employees Safe

2020-06-16 17:36:00| National Real Estate Investor

Guidelines are in the market, although not all properties seem to be applying best practices.

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Hotels in Italy Are Gradually Reopening. Heres What That Looks Like.

2020-06-11 16:10:00| National Real Estate Investor

Some hotels are investing in cutting-edge cleaning technology; others are following simpler government guidelines.

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