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Survey Results Show Positive Outlook for Hotels

2018-11-19 19:30:14| National Real Estate Investor

Investors/developers find expansion opportunities in growing extended stay sector.

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Millennium hotels boss Jennifer Fox leaves after three months

2018-09-28 09:05:24| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The chief executive of Millennium & Copthorne, Jennifer Fox, only took over the global chain in June.

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Investors Maintain Positive Outlook for Hotels

2018-09-20 19:27:00| National Real Estate Investor

Growing extended stay sector offers new outlet for expansion opportunities.

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HNA's Great Unwinding Ramps Up as Buyers Circle Planes, Hotels

2018-08-03 16:27:45| National Real Estate Investor

Chinese hospitality provider Jin Jiang International Holdings Co. is weighing a bid for Radisson Hotel Group, the global chain owned by HNA.

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These New Hotels Can Actually Compete With Airbnb

2018-07-27 18:27:59| National Real Estate Investor

Meet the boutique apart-hotel. Its half-apartment, half-hotel, but 100 percent ready for your Instagram feed.

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